This is a real story, I omitted the names of persons involved to protect their identity,  this went on for 1 years so the testimony has several parts.    


         Part One


Age old question in the community,  well my community anyway. Had a house in a neighborhood well I lived across the street for 2 years, house was tranquil. I relocated ,out-of-state and came back about 1 1/2 years later. I moved across to the other side.  I won’t mention the name of street to protect the identity of the people. But, upon moving in I always sage house and bless with holy water, which is what I always do. Then after about almost a mont weird things started to happen. First I was about to shower and I heard my brother downstairs yell up that he dropped off some food, and I said ok. I continue with my routine  , I being the only one home, husband is at work, I  left my clothes in bedroom. I wrap towel around and walk to my room. In order to walk to my room you have to past second bedroom to the right ,than the stairs. As, I was walking past  the stairs in my peripheral vision I seen ,an old women on stairs, I turn my head and notice gray hair, short stature, but she was facing away from me, and not exactly transparent or totally solid, but close. I turned and ran back to bathroom and did my 1 min freak out, talked myself down and called my brother. I ask him if he was in my house , mind you my brother is 6’1 , tan big dude. He proceeds to tell me no, I am at practice with the kids, and I realized the time and ask how long has he been at practice. He says 45 mins. I know in my head it wasn’t him but for my own good measure still called. I then realized I had to get out a span of 5 minutes. I went to my room no one was on stairs anymore and I went downstairs and all doors and windows locked. I then realized what I seen, and figure I will tell my husband. He got home late, so the next day while we were on the couch, I tell him what I seen. He tells me yeah, I seen her before in 2nd bedroom,  going up to the attic, I stared at him and ask ” and you didn’t think to let me know? ” he said he didn’t want to scare me. I didn’t say anything to my brother, but that weekend my brother was barbecuing,  and that evening I was on my porch in front and he was on his.  Our houses were next to each other but not connected. His kids were on my porch playing and talking to me. Suddenly, both of them were staring at my glass door, I  had the storm door wide open, and they both said “why was there an old lady grandma on my stairs?” I then told my brother hey, hey, he looks at me and I said come get your kids but in a loud whisper..He ask why now they are talking loudly ” Daddy ,why does Auntie have a grandma ghost on her stairs?  Why is she there? I told my husband,  and he said we should clean the house. Fast forward 2 weeks on the weekend,  the landlords who live 3 houses down and my neighbor who is connected on one side and other friends are on my brothers porch talking. I am upstairs watching television,  when my brother texted me to come outside, “you need to hear this “. I go outside and they are talking about ghost, shadow people and the old lady who in my houses. They are sharing their story of a little boy who travels from house to house, a man in a hat who, is a dark shadow person, kids crying in a bathroom when no kids live in the house. They proceeded to their personal experiences,  being held down, followed, choked, bruised and just about everything in a typical haunting had happened. I told them how long has this been going on? . They said years. .I said why didn’t they go for help ? They didn’t want to look crazy, so they lived with whatever this is , and put up with it. I ask myself why?


Haunting in Plymouth…